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Natural Wonders, Stone Mountain Fall Turns into Bridge

Immortal Bridge Wallpaper

The appearance of Immortal Bridge in China (

There is an unique and natural bridges on Mount Tai, Shandong, China. There are bridges made of the composition of the rocks. If seen, it looks like rocks falling from the mountain. Unique!

Located in Shandong province, China, there is a bridge named Immortal Bridge. The uniqueness of this bridge is made of natural stone structure. Travelers from many countries flocked to come there and see it instantly.

Excerpted from the website Planet Oddity (07/05/2013), Immortal bridge or commonly called stone bridge formed naturally expected. If seen closely, the bridge consists of three large stones and small rocks. Miraculously rocks are perfectly balanced.

Some local people said, the bridge was not a man-made stone. They believe, because there can be no human being could make such a bridge on the mountain. Moreover, at the bottom is a valley and ravine.

Some people believe if Immortal Bridge is very old age. In fact, there is a mention that the bridge has been around since the ice age thousands of years ago.

Regardless, the view of  Immortal Bridge is enough to make traveler amazed. Look at the stones are arranged in detail. Rocks are balanced and no gaps, until the shape looks like a bridge.

Travelers are advised not to cross the Immortal Bridge. Therefore, you have to climb the mountain first and also reliable about the rigging. The stone bridge looked at closely, is guaranteed to make you shake your head.